Source code for compass.clean

import argparse
import sys
import os
import shutil

from compass.mpas_cores import get_mpas_cores
from compass import provenance

[docs] def clean_cases(tests=None, numbers=None, work_dir=None, suite_name='custom'): """ Set up one or more test cases Parameters ---------- tests : list of str, optional Relative paths for a test cases to clean up numbers : list of int, optional Case numbers to clean up, as listed from ``compass list`` work_dir : str, optional The base work directory where test cases have been set up suite_name : str, optional The name of the test suite if tests to clean up belong to a test suite or ``'custom'`` if not """ if tests is None and numbers is None: raise ValueError('At least one of tests or numbers is needed.') if work_dir is None: work_dir = os.getcwd() work_dir = os.path.abspath(work_dir) mpas_cores = get_mpas_cores() all_test_cases = dict() for mpas_core in mpas_cores: for test_group in mpas_core.test_groups.values(): for test_case in test_group.test_cases.values(): all_test_cases[test_case.path] = test_case test_cases = dict() if numbers is not None: keys = list(all_test_cases) for number in numbers: if number >= len(keys): raise ValueError('test number {} is out of range. There are ' 'only {} tests.'.format(number, len(keys))) path = keys[number] test_cases[path] = all_test_cases[path] if tests is not None: for path in tests: if path not in all_test_cases: raise ValueError('Test case with path {} is not in ' 'the list of test cases'.format(path)) test_cases[path] = all_test_cases[path] provenance.write(work_dir, test_cases) print('Cleaning test cases:') for path in test_cases.keys(): print(' {}'.format(path)) test_case_dir = os.path.join(work_dir, path) try: shutil.rmtree(test_case_dir) except OSError: pass # delete the pickle file for the test suite (if any) pickle_file = os.path.join(work_dir, '{}.pickle'.format(suite_name)) try: os.remove(pickle_file) except OSError: pass
def main(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description='Clean up one or more test cases', prog='compass clean') parser.add_argument("-t", "--test", dest="test", help="Relative path for a test case to set up", metavar="PATH") parser.add_argument("-n", "--case_number", nargs='+', dest="case_num", type=int, help="Case number(s) to setup, as listed from " "'compass list'. Can be a space-separated" "list of case numbers.", metavar="NUM") parser.add_argument("-w", "--work_dir", dest="work_dir", help="If set, case directories are created in " "work_dir rather than the current directory.", metavar="PATH") args = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[2:]) if args.test is None: tests = None else: tests = [args.test] clean_cases(tests=tests, numbers=args.case_num, work_dir=args.work_dir)