Source code for compass.config

import os

from mpas_tools.config import MpasConfigParser

[docs] class CompassConfigParser(MpasConfigParser): """ A "meta" config parser that keeps a dictionary of config parsers and their sources to combine when needed. The custom config parser allows provenance of the source of different config options and allows the "user" config options to always take precedence over other config options (even if they are added later). This version simply overrides the ``combine()`` method to also ensure that certain paths are absolute, rather than relative. """ def combine(self, raw=False): """ Combine the config files into one Parameters ---------- raw : bool, optional Whether to combine config "raw" config options, rather than using extended interpolation """ super().combine(raw=raw) self._ensure_absolute_paths() def _ensure_absolute_paths(self): """ make sure all paths in the paths, namelists, streams, and executables sections are absolute paths """ config = self.combined for section in ['paths', 'namelists', 'streams', 'executables']: if not config.has_section(section): continue for option, value in config.items(section): # not safe to make paths that start with other config options # into absolute paths if not value.startswith('$'): value = os.path.abspath(value) config.set(section, option, value)