Source code for compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.atmosphere

from compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.atmosphere.process_smb import (
from compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.atmosphere.process_smb_racmo import (
from compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.configure import (
    configure as configure_testgroup,
from compass.testcase import TestCase

[docs] class Atmosphere(TestCase): """ A test case for processing the ISMIP6 atmosphere forcing data. The test case builds a mapping file for interpolation between the ISMIP6 8km polarstereo grid and MALI mesh, regrids the forcing data and rename the ISMIP6 variables to corresponding MALI variables. """
[docs] def __init__(self, test_group): """ Create the test case Parameters ---------- test_group : compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.Ismip6Forcing The test group that this test case belongs to """ name = "atmosphere" subdir = name super().__init__(test_group=test_group, name=name, subdir=subdir) step = ProcessSmbRacmo(test_case=self) self.add_step(step) step = ProcessSMB(test_case=self) self.add_step(step)
[docs] def configure(self): """ Configures test case """ configure_testgroup(config=self.config, check_model_options=True)