Source code for compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.ocean_basal.process_basal_melt

import os
import shutil

import xarray as xr
from import write_netcdf
from mpas_tools.logging import check_call

from compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.create_mapfile import (
from compass.step import Step

[docs] class ProcessBasalMelt(Step): """ A step for processing (combine, remap and rename) the ISMIP6 basalmelt data """
[docs] def __init__(self, test_case): """ Create the step Parameters ---------- test_case : compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.ocean_basal.OceanBasal The test case this step belongs to """ super().__init__(test_case=test_case, name="process_basal_melt", ntasks=4, min_tasks=1)
[docs] def setup(self): """ Set up this step of the test case """ config = self.config section = config["ismip6_ais"] base_path_ismip6 = section.get("base_path_ismip6") base_path_mali = section.get("base_path_mali") mali_mesh_name = section.get("mali_mesh_name") mali_mesh_file = section.get("mali_mesh_file") period_endyear = section.get("period_endyear") input_file_basin = self._file_basin[period_endyear] input_files_coeff = self._files_coeff[period_endyear] self.add_input_file(filename=mali_mesh_file, target=os.path.join(base_path_mali, mali_mesh_file)) self.add_input_file(filename=os.path.basename(input_file_basin), target=os.path.join(base_path_ismip6, input_file_basin)) for file in input_files_coeff: self.add_input_file(filename=os.path.basename(file), target=os.path.join(base_path_ismip6, file)) self.add_output_file(filename=f"{mali_mesh_name}_basin_and_" f"{os.path.basename(file)}")
[docs] def run(self): """ Run this step of the test case """ logger = self.logger config = self.config section = config["ismip6_ais"] mali_mesh_name = section.get("mali_mesh_name") mali_mesh_file = section.get("mali_mesh_file") period_endyear = section.get("period_endyear") output_base_path = section.get("output_base_path") # we always want neareststod for the remapping method because we want # a single value per basin method_remap = "neareststod" # combine, interpolate and rename the basin file and deltaT0_gamma0 # ismip6 input files # call the function that combines data"Combining the ismip6 input files") input_file_basin = self._file_basin[period_endyear] input_file_list = self._files_coeff[period_endyear] for i, file in enumerate(input_file_list):"!---Start processing the current file---!")"processing the input file " f"'{os.path.basename(file)}'") # temporary file names. Note: The counter 'i' seems to be necessary # for 'ncremap' to correctly interpolate the gamma0 values for an # unknown reason. combined_file_temp = f"combined_{i}.nc" remapped_file_temp = f"remapped_{i}.nc" self.combine_ismip6_inputfiles(os.path.basename(input_file_basin), os.path.basename(file), combined_file_temp) # remap the input forcing file."Calling the remapping function...") self.remap_ismip6_basal_melt_to_mali_vars(combined_file_temp, remapped_file_temp, mali_mesh_name, mali_mesh_file, method_remap) output_file = f"{mali_mesh_name}_basin_and_" \ f"{os.path.basename(file)}" # rename the ismip6 variables to MALI variables"Renaming the ismip6 variables to " "mali variable names...") self.rename_ismip6_basal_melt_to_mali_vars(remapped_file_temp, output_file)"Remapping and renaming process done successfully. " "Removing the temporary files...") # remove the temporary combined file os.remove(combined_file_temp) os.remove(remapped_file_temp) # place the output file in appropriate director output_path = f"{output_base_path}/basal_melt/parameterizations/" if not os.path.exists(output_path):"Creating a new directory for the output data...") os.makedirs(output_path) src = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), output_file) dst = os.path.join(output_path, output_file) shutil.copy(src, dst)"!---Done processing the current file---!")"")"")
[docs] def combine_ismip6_inputfiles(self, basin_file, coeff_gamma0_deltat_file, combined_file_temp): """ Combine ismip6 input files before regridding onto mali mesh Parameters ---------- basin_file : str imbie2 basin numbers in ismip6 grid coeff_gamma0_deltat_file : str uniform melt rate coefficient (gamma0) and temperature correction per basin combined_file_temp : str temporary output file that has all the variables combined """ ds_basin = xr.open_dataset(basin_file, engine="netcdf4") ds = xr.open_dataset(coeff_gamma0_deltat_file, engine="netcdf4") ds["ismip6shelfMelt_basin"] = ds_basin.basinNumber write_netcdf(ds, combined_file_temp)
[docs] def remap_ismip6_basal_melt_to_mali_vars(self, input_file, output_file, mali_mesh_name, mali_mesh_file, method_remap): """ Remap the input ismip6 basal melt data onto mali mesh Parameters ---------- input_file: str temporary output file that has all the variables combined combined_file_temp generated in the above function output_file : str ismip6 data remapped on mali mesh mali_mesh_name : str name of the mali mesh used to name mapping files mali_mesh_file : str, optional The MALI mesh file if mapping file does not exist method_remap : str, optional Remapping method used in building a mapping file """ # check if mapfile exists mapping_file = f"map_ismip6_8km_to_{mali_mesh_name}_{method_remap}.nc" if not os.path.exists(mapping_file): # build a mapping file if it doesn't already exist build_mapping_file(self.config, self.ntasks, self.logger, input_file, mapping_file, scrip_from_latlon=False, mali_mesh_file=mali_mesh_file, method_remap=method_remap) else:"Mapping file exists. " "Remapping the input data...") # remap the input data args = ["ncremap", "-i", input_file, "-o", output_file, "-m", mapping_file] check_call(args, logger=self.logger)
[docs] def rename_ismip6_basal_melt_to_mali_vars(self, remapped_file_temp, output_file): """ Rename variables in the remapped ismip6 input data to the ones that MALI uses. Parameters ---------- remapped_file_temp : str temporary ismip6 data remapped on mali mesh output_file : str remapped ismip6 data renamed on mali mesh """ # open dataset in 20 years chunk ds = xr.open_dataset(remapped_file_temp, chunks=dict(time=20)) # build dictionary and rename the ismip6 dimension and variables ismip6_to_mali_dims = dict( ncol="nCells") ds = ds.rename(ismip6_to_mali_dims) ismip6_to_mali_vars = dict( deltaT_basin="ismip6shelfMelt_deltaT", gamma0="ismip6shelfMelt_gamma0") # drop unnecessary variables on the regridded data on MALI mesh ds = ds.rename(ismip6_to_mali_vars) ds = ds.drop_vars(["lat_vertices", "lon_vertices", "lat", "lon", "area"]) # write to a new netCDF file write_netcdf(ds, output_file) ds.close()
# input files: input uniform melt rate coefficient (gamma0) # and temperature correction per basin _file_basin = { "2100": "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/imbie2/", "2300": "AIS/Ocean_forcing/imbie2/" } _files_coeff = { "2100": [ "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_Forcing/parameterizations/"], # noqa: E501 "2300": [ "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/", # noqa: E501 "AIS/Ocean_forcing/parameterizations/"] # noqa: E501 }