Source code for compass.mpas_core

from importlib import resources
import json

[docs] class MpasCore: """ The base class for housing all the tests for a given MPAS core, such as ocean, landice or sw (shallow water) Attributes ---------- name : str the name of the MPAS core test_groups : dict A dictionary of test groups for the MPAS core with their names as keys cached_files : dict A dictionary that maps from output file names in test cases to cached files in the ``compass_cache`` database for the MPAS core. These file mappings are read in from ``cached_files.json`` in the MPAS core. """
[docs] def __init__(self, name): """ Create a new container for the test groups for a given MPAS core Parameters ---------- name : str the name of the MPAS core """ = name # test groups are added with add_test_groups() self.test_groups = dict() self.cached_files = dict() self._read_cached_files()
[docs] def add_test_group(self, test_group): """ Add a test group to the MPAS core Parameters ---------- test_group : compass.TestGroup the test group to add """ self.test_groups[] = test_group
def _read_cached_files(self): """ Read in the dictionary of cached files from cached_files.json """ package = f'compass.{}' filename = 'cached_files.json' try: with resources.path(package, filename) as path: with open(path) as data_file: self.cached_files = json.load(data_file) except FileNotFoundError: # no cached files for this core pass