Source code for compass.ocean.mesh.floodplain

from mpas_tools.ocean import inject_bathymetry, inject_preserve_floodplain

from compass.mesh.spherical import QuasiUniformSphericalMeshStep

[docs] class FloodplainMeshStep(QuasiUniformSphericalMeshStep): """ A step for creating a global MPAS-Ocean mesh that includes variables needed for preserving a floodplain preserve_floodplain : bool Whether the mesh includes land cells """
[docs] def __init__(self, test_case, name='base_mesh', subdir=None, cell_width=None, preserve_floodplain=True): """ Create a new step Parameters ---------- test_case : compass.testcase.TestCase The test case this step belongs to name : str the name of the step subdir : {str, None} the subdirectory for the step. The default is ``name`` cell_width : float, optional The approximate cell width in km of the mesh if constant resolution preserve_floodplain : bool, optional Whether the mesh includes land cells """ super().__init__(test_case=test_case, name=name, subdir=subdir, cell_width=cell_width) self.preserve_floodplain = preserve_floodplain self.add_input_file(filename='', target='', database='bathymetry_database')
[docs] def run(self): """ Run this step of the test case """ super().run() config = self.config mesh_filename = config.get('spherical_mesh', 'mpas_mesh_filename') inject_bathymetry(mesh_file=mesh_filename) if self.preserve_floodplain: floodplain_elevation = config.getfloat('spherical_mesh', 'floodplain_elevation') inject_preserve_floodplain( mesh_file=mesh_filename, floodplain_elevation=floodplain_elevation)