Source code for compass.ocean.tests.hurricane

from compass.ocean.tests.hurricane.forward import Forward
from compass.ocean.tests.hurricane.init import Init
from compass.ocean.tests.hurricane.mesh import Mesh
from compass.testgroup import TestGroup

[docs] class Hurricane(TestGroup): """ A test group for hurricane simulations with MPAS-Ocean """
[docs] def __init__(self, mpas_core): """ mpas_core : compass.ocean.Ocean the MPAS core that this test group belongs to """ super().__init__(mpas_core=mpas_core, name='hurricane') storm = 'sandy' mesh_name = 'DEQU120at30cr10rr2' for use_lts in [False, 'LTS', 'FB_LTS']: mesh = Mesh(test_group=self, mesh_name=mesh_name, use_lts=use_lts) self.add_test_case(mesh) init = Init(test_group=self, mesh=mesh, storm=storm, use_lts=use_lts) self.add_test_case(init) forward = Forward(test_group=self, mesh=mesh, storm=storm, init=init, use_lts=use_lts) self.add_test_case(forward)