Source code for compass.ocean.tests.ziso.with_frazil

from compass.testcase import TestCase
from compass.ocean.tests.ziso.initial_state import InitialState
from compass.ocean.tests.ziso.forward import Forward
from compass.ocean.tests import ziso
from compass.validate import compare_variables

[docs] class WithFrazil(TestCase): """ The with frazil test case for the ZISO test group simply creates the mesh and initial condition, then performs a short forward run including frazil formation. Attributes ---------- resolution : str The resolution of the test case """
[docs] def __init__(self, test_group, resolution): """ Create the test case Parameters ---------- test_group : compass.ocean.tests.ziso.Ziso The test group that this test case belongs to resolution : str The resolution of the test case """ name = 'with_frazil' self.resolution = resolution subdir = '{}/{}'.format(resolution, name) super().__init__(test_group=test_group, name=name, subdir=subdir) self.add_step( InitialState(test_case=self, resolution=resolution, with_frazil=True)) self.add_step( Forward(test_case=self, resolution=resolution, with_analysis=False, with_frazil=True))
[docs] def configure(self): """ Modify the configuration options for this test case. """ ziso.configure(, self.resolution, self.config)
# no run() method is needed def validate(self): """ Test cases can override this method to perform validation of variables and timers """ variables = ['temperature', 'layerThickness'] compare_variables( test_case=self, variables=variables, filename1='forward/output/') variables = ['accumulatedFrazilIceMass', 'accumulatedFrazilIceSalinity', 'seaIceEnergy', 'frazilLayerThicknessTendency', 'frazilTemperatureTendency', 'frazilSalinityTendency', 'frazilSurfacePressure', 'accumulatedLandIceFrazilMass'] compare_variables(test_case=self, variables=variables, filename1='forward/')