The koge_bugt_s test group (compass.landice.tests.koge_bugt_s.KogeBugtS) creates a variable resolution (default 500m to 4km) mesh for a regional domain of Koge Bugt S, Greenland (see koge_bugt_s).


The shared config options for the koge_bugt_s test group are described in koge_bugt_s in the User’s Guide.


The class compass.landice.tests.koge_bugt_s.mesh.Mesh defines a step for creating a variable resolution Koge Bugt S mesh. This is used by the mesh_gen test case.


The compass.landice.tests.koge_bugt_s.mesh_gen.MeshGen calls the compass.landice.tests.koge_bugt_s.mesh.Mesh to create the variable resolution Koge Bugt S mesh.