config options

Here are the default config options added when CompyMcNodeFace is automatically detected or when you choose -m compy when setting up test cases or a test suite:

# The paths section describes paths that are used within the ocean core test
# cases.

# A shared root directory where MPAS standalone data can be found
database_root = /compyfs/mpas_standalonedata

# the path to the base conda environment where compass environments have
# been created
compass_envs = /share/apps/E3SM/conda_envs/compass/base

# Options related to deploying a compass conda environment on supported
# machines

# the compiler set to use for system libraries and MPAS builds
compiler = intel

# the system MPI library to use for intel compiler
mpi_intel = impi

# the system MPI library to use for gnu compiler
mpi_gnu = openmpi

# the base path for spack environments used by compass
spack = /share/apps/E3SM/conda_envs/compass/spack

# whether to use the same modules for hdf5, netcdf-c, netcdf-fortran and
# pnetcdf as E3SM (spack modules are used otherwise)
# We don't use them on Compy because hdf5 and netcdf were build without MPI
use_e3sm_hdf5_netcdf = False

Additionally, some relevant config options come from the mache package:

# The parallel section describes options related to running jobs in parallel

# parallel system of execution: slurm, cobalt or single_node
system = slurm

# whether to use mpirun or srun to run a task
parallel_executable = srun --mpi=pmi2

# cores per node on the machine
cores_per_node = 40

# account for running diagnostics jobs
account = e3sm

# available partition(s) (default is the first)
partitions = slurm

# quality of service (default is the first)
qos = regular

Intel on CompyMcNodeFace

To load the compass environment and modules, and set appropriate environment variables:

source source /share/apps/E3SM/conda_envs/compass/

To build the MPAS model with

make [DEBUG=true] [OPENMP=true] intel-mpi