Source code for compass.testcase

import os

[docs] class TestCase: """ The base class for test cases---such as a decomposition, threading or restart test---that are made up of one or more steps Attributes ---------- name : str the name of the test case test_group : compass.TestGroup The test group the test case belongs to mpas_core : compass.MpasCore The MPAS core the test group belongs to steps : dict A dictionary of steps in the test case with step names as keys steps_to_run : list A list of the steps to run when ``run()`` gets called. This list includes all steps by default but can be replaced with a list of only those tests that should run by default if some steps are optional and should be run manually by the user. subdir : str the subdirectory for the test case path : str the path within the base work directory of the test case, made up of ``mpas_core``, ``test_group``, and the test case's ``subdir`` config : compass.config.CompassConfigParser Configuration options for this test case, a combination of the defaults for the machine, core and configuration config_filename : str The local name of the config file that ``config`` has been written to during setup and read from during run work_dir : str The test case's work directory, defined during setup as the combination of ``base_work_dir`` and ``path`` base_work_dir : str The base work directory baseline_dir : str, optional Location of the same test case within the baseline work directory, for use in comparing variables and timers stdout_logger : logging.Logger A logger for output from the test case that goes to stdout regardless of whether ``logger`` is a log file or stdout logger : logging.Logger A logger for output from the test case log_filename : str At run time, the name of a log file where output/errors from the test case are being logged, or ``None`` if output is to stdout/stderr new_step_log_file : bool Whether to create a new log file for each step or to log output to a common log file for the whole test case. The latter is used when running the test case as part of a test suite validation : dict A dictionary with the status of internal and baseline comparisons, used by the ``compass`` framework to determine whether the test case passed or failed internal and baseline validation. """
[docs] def __init__(self, test_group, name, subdir=None): """ Create a new test case Parameters ---------- test_group : compass.TestGroup the test group that this test case belongs to name : str the name of the test case subdir : str, optional the subdirectory for the test case. The default is ``name`` """ = name self.mpas_core = test_group.mpas_core self.test_group = test_group if subdir is not None: self.subdir = subdir else: self.subdir = name self.path = os.path.join(,, self.subdir) # steps will be added by calling add_step() self.steps = dict() self.steps_to_run = list() # these will be set during setup self.config = None self.config_filename = None self.work_dir = None self.base_work_dir = None # may be set during setup if there is a baseline for comparison self.baseline_dir = None # these will be set when running the test case self.new_step_log_file = True self.stdout_logger = None self.logger = None self.log_filename = None self.validation = None
[docs] def configure(self): """ Modify the configuration options for this test case. Test cases should override this method if they want to add config options specific to the test case, e.g. from a config file stored in the test case's python package. If a test case overrides this method, it should assume that the ``<>.cfg`` file in its package has already been added to the config options prior to calling ``configure()``. """ pass
[docs] def run(self): """ This method is deprecated. Use ``step.constrain_resources()`` and ``step.runtime_setup()`` instead """ pass
[docs] def validate(self): """ Test cases can override this method to perform validation of variables and timers """ pass
[docs] def add_step(self, step, run_by_default=True): """ Add a step to the test case Parameters ---------- step : compass.Step The step to add run_by_default : bool, optional Whether to add this step to the list of steps to run when the ``run()`` method gets called. If ``run_by_default=False``, users would need to run this step manually. """ self.steps[] = step if run_by_default: self.steps_to_run.append(
def check_validation(self): """ Check the test case's "validation" dictionary to see if validation failed. """ validation = self.validation logger = self.logger if validation is not None: internal_pass = validation['internal_pass'] baseline_pass = validation['baseline_pass'] both_pass = True if internal_pass is not None and not internal_pass: logger.error('Comparison failed between files within the test ' 'case.') both_pass = False if baseline_pass is not None and not baseline_pass: logger.error('Comparison failed between the test case and the ' 'baseline.') both_pass = False if both_pass: raise ValueError('Comparison failed, see above.')