class compass.TestCase(test_group, name, subdir=None)[source]

The base class for test cases—such as a decomposition, threading or restart test—that are made up of one or more steps

  • name (str) – the name of the test case

  • test_group (compass.TestGroup) – The test group the test case belongs to

  • mpas_core (compass.MpasCore) – The MPAS core the test group belongs to

  • steps (dict) – A dictionary of steps in the test case with step names as keys

  • steps_to_run (list) – A list of the steps to run when run() gets called. This list includes all steps by default but can be replaced with a list of only those tests that should run by default if some steps are optional and should be run manually by the user.

  • subdir (str) – the subdirectory for the test case

  • path (str) – the path within the base work directory of the test case, made up of mpas_core, test_group, and the test case’s subdir

  • config (compass.config.CompassConfigParser) – Configuration options for this test case, a combination of the defaults for the machine, core and configuration

  • config_filename (str) – The local name of the config file that config has been written to during setup and read from during run

  • work_dir (str) – The test case’s work directory, defined during setup as the combination of base_work_dir and path

  • base_work_dir (str) – The base work directory

  • baseline_dir (str, optional) – Location of the same test case within the baseline work directory, for use in comparing variables and timers

  • stdout_logger (logging.Logger) – A logger for output from the test case that goes to stdout regardless of whether logger is a log file or stdout

  • logger (logging.Logger) – A logger for output from the test case

  • log_filename (str) – At run time, the name of a log file where output/errors from the test case are being logged, or None if output is to stdout/stderr

  • new_step_log_file (bool) – Whether to create a new log file for each step or to log output to a common log file for the whole test case. The latter is used when running the test case as part of a test suite

  • validation (dict) – A dictionary with the status of internal and baseline comparisons, used by the compass framework to determine whether the test case passed or failed internal and baseline validation.

__init__(test_group, name, subdir=None)[source]

Create a new test case

  • test_group (compass.TestGroup) – the test group that this test case belongs to

  • name (str) – the name of the test case

  • subdir (str, optional) – the subdirectory for the test case. The default is name


__init__(test_group, name[, subdir])

Create a new test case

add_step(step[, run_by_default])

Add a step to the test case


Check the test case's "validation" dictionary to see if validation failed.


Modify the configuration options for this test case.


This method is deprecated.


Test cases can override this method to perform validation of variables and timers