compass.validate.compare_timers(test_case, timers, rundir1, rundir2=None)[source]

Compare variables between files in the current test case and/or with the baseline results.

  • test_case (compass.TestCase) – An object describing a test case to validate

  • timers (list) – A list of timer names to compare

  • rundir1 (str) – The relative path to a directory within the work_dir. If rundir2 is also given, comparison will be performed with timers in that file. If a baseline directory was provided when setting up the test case, the timers will be compared between this test case and the same relative directory under the baseline version of the test case.

  • rundir2 (str, optional) – The relative path to another file within the work_dir if comparing between files within the current test case. If a baseline directory was provided, the timers from this file will also be compared with those in the corresponding baseline directory.