compass.ocean.iceshelf.adjust_ssh(variable, iteration_count, step, update_pio=True, convert_to_cdf5=False, delta_ssh_threshold=None)[source]

Adjust the sea surface height or land-ice pressure to be dynamically consistent with one another. A series of short model runs are performed, each with

  • variable ({'ssh', 'landIcePressure'}) – The variable to adjust

  • iteration_count (int) – The number of iterations of adjustment

  • step (compass.Step) – the step for performing SSH or land-ice pressure adjustment

  • update_pio (bool, optional) – Whether to update PIO tasks and stride

  • convert_to_cdf5 (bool, optional) – Whether to convert files to CDF5 format with ncks after writing them out. This is intended to improve MPAS-Ocean performance, since reading in NETCDF4 format files can be very slow.