compass.ocean.tests.sphere_transport.process_output.plot_convergence(ax, tcname, dlambda, resvals, linf1, l21, linf2, l22, linf3, l23)[source]

Creates a convergence plot for a test case from the sphere_transport test group.

  • ax (matplotlib.Axes) – A matplotlib Axes instance

  • tcname (str) – The name of the test case

  • dlambda (numpy.ndarray) – An array of mesh size values

  • resvals (numpy.ndarray) – An integer array of resolution values, e.g., [120, 240] for QU120 and QU240

  • linf1 (numpy.ndarray) – the linf error for tracer1

  • l21 (numpy.ndarray) – the l2 error for tracer1

  • linf2 (numpy.ndarray) – the linf error for tracer2

  • l22 (numpy.ndarray) – the l2 error for tracer2

  • linf3 (numpy.ndarray) – the linf error for tracer3

  • l23 (numpy.ndarray) – the l2 error for tracer3