compass.landice.tests.ismip6_forcing.create_mapfile.build_mapping_file(config, cores, logger, ismip6_grid_file, mapping_file, scrip_from_latlon=True, mali_mesh_file=None, method_remap=None)[source]

Build a mapping file if it does not exist. Mapping file is then used to remap the ismip6 source file in polarstero coordinate to unstructured mali mesh

  • config (compass.config.CompassConfigParser) – Configuration options for a ismip6 forcing test case

  • cores (int) – the number of cores for the ESMF_RegridWeightGen

  • logger (logging.Logger) – A logger for output from the step

  • ismip6_grid_file (str) – ismip6 grid file

  • mapping_file (str) – weights for interpolation from ismip6_grid_file to mali_mesh_file

  • scrip_from_latlon (bool, optional) – whether to use the lat/lon coordinates to create the SCRIP file for the ismip6_grid_file passed into the function

  • mali_mesh_file (str, optional) – The MALI mesh file is used if mapping file does not exist

  • method_remap (str, optional) – Remapping method used in building a mapping file