The landice/eismint2 test group implements variants of the EISMINT2 test cases from Payne et al. (2000).

The domain is approximately rectangular with a circularly symmetric ice sheet at its center with a radius of 750 km. <<<Further description here>>>

<<<Exmaple image here>>>

The test case has a horizontal resolution of 25 km and 10 vertical layers.

The test group includes 5 test cases. The standard_experiments test case implements EISMINT2 experiments A, B, C, D, F and G (but not E). The remaining 4 test cases are for regression testing: decomposition and restart tests with either the temperature or the enthalpy thermal solver.

config options

All 3 test cases share the same set of default config options:

# config options for EISMINT2 test cases

# sizes (in cells) for the 25000m uniform mesh
nx = 64
ny = 74

# resolution (in m) for the 25000m uniform mesh
dc = 25000.0

# number of levels in the mesh
levels = 10

# radius (km) used to cull the mesh
radius = 750.0

# config options related to visualization for EISMINT2 test cases

# the name of the experiment or experiments to visualize ('a','b','c','d','f',
# or 'g'). For multiple experiments, give a comma-separated list
experiment = a

# whether to save image files
save_images = True

# whether to hide figures (typically when save_images = True)
hide_figs = True


landice/eismint2/standard_experiments implements 6 of the EISMINT2 experiments: A, B, C, D, F and G (but not E).



Initial condition


Initial thermomechanical coupling run

Zero ice


Stepped 5 K air-temperature warming

Experiment A


Stepped change in accumulation rate

Experiment A


Stepped change in equilibrium-line altitude

Experiment A


Air temperature 15 K cooler

Zero ice


Basal slip throughout

Zero ice

Each test case runs for 200,000 years (with 6-month time steps). A visualize step can be used to plot the results. By default, experiment A is plotted but this can be changed with the experiment config option in the [exismint2_viz] sections.

decomposition_test and enthalpy_decomposition_test

landice/eismint2/decomposition_test and landice/eismint2/enthalpy_decomposition_test run shorter (3,000-year) integrations of experiment F forward in time on 1 (1proc_run step) and then on 4 cores (4proc_run step) to make sure the resulting prognostic variables are bit-for-bit identical between the two runs.

restart_test and enthalpy_restart_test

landice/eismint2/restart_test and landice/eismint2/enthalpy_restart_test first run a shorter (3,000-year) integration of experiment F forward in time (full_run step). Then, a second step (restart_run) performs a 2,000-year and then a 1,000-year run, where the second begins from a restart file saved by the first. Prognostic variables are compared between the “full” and “restart” runs at year 3,000 to make sure they are bit-for-bit identical. The restart run is performed with longer (100-year) time steps.