The landice/mismipplus test group runs tests with a 2km MISMIP+ mesh. The purpose of this test group is to provide a commonly used idealized glacier configuration that includes an ice shelf. The mesh and initial condition are already generated. In the future, additional test cases may be added for generating a new version of the mesh at different resolutions and using different data sources. See the MISMIP+ description paper for more details. Note that the 2km mesh is not the most accurate resolution used by MALI, but provides a convenient trade off between computational cost and accuracy for running tests.

The test group only includes a single test - a smoke test. More tests may be added later. There are no config options.


landice/mismipplus/smoke_test runs the MISMIP+ test mesh for 5 years with the adaptive timestepper on. It is meant as a baseline configuration that could be adjusted to specific needs.