The ocean/dam_break test group reproducs the dam break test case from Warner et al. (2013).

The domain is a rectangular box divided into a dammed region with sea surface height of 0.6 m and a floodplain region with sea surface height equal to the minimum layer thickness. By default, there are 3 vertical layers. Horizontal resolutions of 40 cm and 120 cm are available.

The test group includes 1 test case. The test case has 3 steps. The initial_state defines the mesh and initial conditions for the model. The forward step runs MPAS-Ocean in forward mode and allows water from the dammed region to flow into the floodplain region. The viz step performs visualization of the time evolution of SSH at a series of sites. These plots are used to compare the MPAS-Ocean output with experimental data and the solution from the ROMS model.


config options

The config options for this test case are:

# Options related to the vertical grid

# Number of vertical levels # redundant with config_dam_break_vert_levels
vert_levels = 3


ocean/dam_break/40cm/default is the default version of the dam break test case for validation of sea surface height through visual inspection against experimental data and ROMS solutions.