The utility test group is a general test group for ocean utilities that may create datasets for other test groups to use. It is partly designed to provide provenance for data processing that may be more complex than a single, short script.


The ocean/utility/combine_topo test case is used to combine the BedMachine Antarctica v3 dataset with the GEBCO 2023 dataset. The result is on a 1/80 degree latitude-longitude grid. This utility is intended for provenance. It is intended to doucment the process for producing the topography dataset used for E3SM ocean meshes.


The ocean/utility/cull_restarts test case is used to cull ice-shelf cavities from MPAS-Ocean and -Seaice restart files. It is intended for expert users wanting to create an E3SM branch run without ice-shelf cavities from a previous run that included cavities.


The ocean/utility/extrap_woa test case is used to extrapolate WOA 2023 data into ice-shelf cavities and coastal regions, then into land, grounded ice and below bathymetry. It is provided mainly for developers to update for use on future datasets and is not intended for users, so we do not provide full documentation here.