The gotm test group (compass.ocean.tests.gotm.Gotm) implements a test case for validating the General Ocean Turbulence Model (GOTM) within MPAS-Ocean. See gotm for more details.


The compass.ocean.tests.gotm.default.Default test implements a single column test case from Section 5.1 of Kärnä, 2020. The test runs for 12 hours, after which the velocity and viscosity are compared against an analytic solution. See default for config options and more details on the test case.


The class compass.ocean.tests.gotm.default.init.Init defines a step for setting up the mesh and initial state for the test case. It simply creates a small (4 x 4 cell, doubly periodic) mesh with 2.5 km horizontal resolution. The vertical grid divides the 15 m total ocean depth into 250 layers of 6 cm thickness each. Velocity, temperature and salinity are not initialized (and are therefore zero).


The class compass.ocean.tests.gotm.default.forward.Forward defines a step for running MPAS-Ocean from the initial condition produced in the init step. The model runs for 12 hours with 25-s time steps, writing output ever 10 minutes.


The class compass.ocean.tests.gotm.default.analysis.Analysis defines a step for plotting the velocity and viscosity profiles after 12 hours, and comparing them with an analytic solution.