The parabolic_bowl test group (compass.ocean.tests.parabolic_bowl.ParabolicBowl) implements convergence study for wetting and drying in a parabolic bowl.


The compass.ocean.tests.parabolic_bowl.default.Default test performs a series of 3 day-long runs where an initial mound of water oscillates in a parabolic bowl. The resolution of the problem (by default, between 5 and 20 km). Modeled results are compared with a known exact solution to demonstrate convergence. See default. for config options and more details on the test case.


The class compass.ocean.tests.parabolic_bowl.init.Init defines a step for setting up for generating planar hex meshes and creating the initial state for each test case.


The class compass.ocean.tests.parabolic_bowl.forward.Forward defines a step for running MPAS-Ocean from the initial condition produced in the initial_state step. The time step is determined from the resolution based on the dt_per_km config option. Other namelist options are taken from the test case’s namelist.forward.


The class compass.ocean.tests.parabolic_bowl.viz.Viz defines a step for creating contour plots of the solution at different times (solution_***.png), time series plots at different points (points.png). It also computes the root mean squared error for the results at each resolution and plots them in error.png.