The spherical_harmonic_transform test group implements See spherical_harmonic_transform in the User’s Guide for more details.


The compass.ocean.tests.spherical_harmonic_transform.qu_convergence.QuConvergence Performs a series of spherical harmonic transformations on an analytical function for various orders. The truncation error of each approximation order is compared with the original function. The resolution of the sphere also varies (by default, 60 and 30 km). Both the “serial” and “parallel” implemntations are used. See spherical_harmonic_transform for config options and more details on the test case.


The class compass.ocean.tests.spherical_harmonic_transform.qu_convergence.mesh defines a step for building a global mesh with uniform resolution using mpas_tools.ocean.build_mesh.build_spherical_mesh().


The class compass.ocean.tests.spherical_harmonic_transform.qu_convergence.init defines a step for runnining MPAS-Ocean for the test_sht configuration to perform the spherical harmonic transform.


The class compass.ocean.tests.spherical_harmonic_transform.qu_convergence.analysis defines a step for plotting the truncation error convergence for the orders and resolutions run. The file produced is convergence.png.