The tides test group implements single layer barotropic, tidal cases as described in tides in the User’s Guide.


The class compass.ocean.tests.tides.init.initial_state.InitialState defines a step for running MPAS-Ocean in init mode. The vertical mesh is set up with a single layer.


The class compass.ocean.tests.tides.init.interpolate_wave_drag.InterpolateWaveDrag defines a step for interpolating HYCOM data onto the MPAS-O mesh for the topographic wave drag scheme.


The class compass.ocean.tests.tides.init.remap_bathymetry.RemapBathymetry defines a step to perform an integral remap of bathyetry data onto the MPAS-O mesh.


The class compass.ocean.tests.tides.forward.forward.ForwardStep defines a step to run MPAS-Ocean in forward mode.


The class compass.ocean.tests.tides.analysis.Analysis defines a step to extract harmonic constituent data from the TPXO database. These values are used to compute and plot errors.