An analysis task for plotting histograms of 2-d variables of climatologies in ocean regions.

Component and Tags:

component: ocean
tags: climatology, histogram, regions, publicObs

Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available for this task:

## options related to plotting histograms of climatologies of 2-d ocean
## variables

# list of variables to plot
variableList = []

# list of observations to compare against
obsList = ['AVISO']

# list of ocean variables by which to weight variables in variable list
weightList = []

# list of regions to plot from the region list in [regions] below
regionGroups = ['Ocean Basins']

# list of region names within the region group listed above
regionNames = []

# Seasons to conduct analysis over
# Note: start and end year will be inherited from climatology section
seasons =  ['ANN']

# Number of histogram bins
bins = 40

Region Groups

A list of groups of regions, each of which will get its own gallery on the resulting analysis web page. See Region Groups for more information on the available region groups. By default, the only region group is 'Ocean Basins'.

Region Names

The regionNames can be set to ['all'] to plot all of the regions in the geojson file. In the case of Antarctic Regions, these are:

["Southern Ocean", "Southern Ocean 60S", "Eastern Weddell Sea Shelf",
 "Eastern Weddell Sea Deep", "Western Weddell Sea Shelf",
 "Western Weddell Sea Deep", "Weddell Sea Shelf", "Weddell Sea Deep",
 "Bellingshausen Sea Shelf", "Bellingshausen Sea Deep", "Amundsen Sea Shelf",
 "Amundsen Sea Deep", "Eastern Ross Sea Shelf", "Eastern Ross Sea Deep",
 "Western Ross Sea Shelf", "Western Ross Sea Deep",
 "East Antarctic Seas Shelf", "East Antarctic Seas Deep"]

For Ocean Basins, they are:

["Atlantic_Basin", "Pacific_Basin", "Indian_Basin", "Arctic_Basin",
 "Southern_Ocean_Basin", "Mediterranean_Basin", "Global Ocean",
 "Global Ocean 65N to 65S", "Global Ocean 15S to 15N"]

Variable List

The variableList option determines the variables to plot. Currently, only 2-d variables are supported but we envision extending to 3-d variables in the near future. The variables are to be listed according to their registry names, with timeMontly_avg_ prepended in the code.


The obsList option contains a list of the names of observational data sets. Currently, “AVISO” is the only data set available, but we anticipate adding several additional data sets in the near future.

AVISO Absolute Dynamic Topography

Weight List

The weightList option determines the variables to normalize by in plotting the histogram. This is an optional feature. If used, weightList should be of the same length as variableList. We currently only support for 2-d variables that are the same size as their corresponding variables in variableList and that are present in the restart file. For example, we use areaCell to weight cell-centered variables such as ssh.


bins sets the number of bins to include in the histogram.

Other Config Options

Other config options include lineWidth, mainColor, obsColor, controlColor, titleFontSize, defaultFontSize. For more details on the remaining config options, see Seasons.

Example Result