An analysis task for plotting histograms of 2-d variables of climatologies in ocean regions.

Component and Tags:

component: ocean
tags: timeseries, conservation

Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available for this task:

## options related to producing time series plots, often to compare against
## observations and previous runs

# the year from which to compute anomalies if not the start year of the
# simulation.  This might be useful if a long spin-up cycle is performed and
# only the anomaly over a later span of years is of interest.
# anomalyRefYear = 249

# start and end years for timeseries analysis. Use endYear = end to indicate
# that the full range of the data should be used.  If errorOnMissing = False,
# the start and end year will be clipped to the valid range.  Otherwise, out
# of bounds values will lead to an error.  In a "control" config file used in
# a "main vs. control" analysis run, the range of years must be valid and
# cannot include "end" because the original data may not be available.
startYear = 1
endYear = end

# Plot types to generate. The following plotTypes are supported:
#    total_energy_flux : Total energy flux
#    absolute_energy_error : Energy error
#    ice_salt_flux : Salt flux related to land ice and sea ice
#    absolute_salt_error : Salt conservation error
#    total_mass_flux : Total mass flux
#    total_mass_change : Total mass anomaly
#    land_ice_mass_change : Mass anomaly due to land ice fluxes
#    land_ice_ssh_change : SSH anomaly due to land ice fluxes
#    land_ice_mass_flux_components : Mass fluxes from land ice
plotTypes = 'land_ice_mass_flux_components'

# line colors for the main, control and obs curves
# see
# and
mainColor = black
controlColor = tab:red

Example Result