An analysis task for plotting maps of Antarctic iceberg concentration against observations.

Component and Tags:

component: seaIce
tags: icebergs, climatology, horizontalMap

Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available for this task:

## options related to plotting horizontally remapped climatologies of
## iceberg concentration against reference model results and observations
## in the southern hemisphere (SH)

# colormap for model/observations
colormapNameResult = ice
# the type of norm used in the colormap
normTypeResult = log
# A dictionary with keywords for the norm
normArgsResult = {'vmin': 1e-5, 'vmax': 1e-2}
# specify the ticks
colorbarTicksResult = [1e-5, 1e-4, 1e-3, 1e-2]

# colormap for differences
colormapNameDifference = balance
# the type of norm used in the colormap
normTypeDifference = symLog
# A dictionary with keywords for the norm
normArgsDifference = {'linthresh': 1e-5, 'linscale': 1, 'vmin': -1e-2, 'vmax': 1e-2}

# Months or seasons to plot (These should be left unchanged, since
# observations are only available for these seasons)
seasons =  ['ANN', DJF', 'JJA']

# comparison grid(s) ('latlon', 'antarctic') on which to plot analysis
comparisonGrids = ['latlon']

# reference lat/lon for iceberg plots in the southern hemisphere
minimumLatitude = -50
referenceLongitude = 180

# a list of prefixes describing the sources of the observations to be used
observationPrefixes = ['Altiberg']

# arrange subplots vertically?
vertical = False

# observations files
concentrationAltibergSH = Altiberg/

The option minimumLatitude determines what the northernmost latitude (in degrees) included in the plot will be. The option referenceLongitude defines which longitude will be at the bottom of the plot.

The option vertical = True can be used to plot 3 panels one above another (resulting in a tall, thin image) rather than next to each other, the default (resulting in a short, wide image).

For details on the remaining configration options, see:


Example Result